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We are Charlotte Wagner and Joshua Harvey. You can find us nestled on a mountain top in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Rappahannock County, Virginia. We love the views, community, and outdoors - so naturally this was the place to call home. Charlotte is a professional dog trainer, and passionate about animals, especially showing and competing in AKC events, while Josh, the baker, enjoys photography, and running around the hills, and gardening. 

One of our dearest passions is for the preservation, performance, and exhibition of quality Border Terriers. We thoroughly advocate the wonders of a multi-purpose dog that oozes both form and function. Our dogs excel in breed conformation, rally obedience, agility, tricks, FCAT, nosework, barn hunt, therapy dog volunteering, and more! All our breeding dogs are health tested for conditions as recommended by our parent breed club and OFA. We spend a great deal of time training, socializing, and competing with our beloved canine companions. 

We only breed our dogs occasionally - mostly when we are looking for a prospect for ourselves. We ensure OFA testing on all parents before mating, and take great care in conformation and temperament before planning a breeding. Each home is carefully vetted before placement to ensure a good fit for all. 

To learn more about Charlotte's dog training establishment, visit The K9ology Center 


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